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How to Become a Home Inspector: Key Challenges to Entry & Survival.

Guarantee this is the home inspection business book to help you optimize your inspection career.

The home inspection business book that closes the knowledge gap step-by-step  

Year-over-year, some 60% of potential home inspectors, complete inspection school, then disappear, but why? What did the other 40% figure out that kept them going? I took a hard look at this and have produced the key challenges to entry and survival in the home inspection business. I, myself, am an active home inspector based in New York. Here to share my knowledge with you all. With the expectations that future home inspectors like you do not just disappear into the night. Contrary to popular beliefs that joining a home inspection school & spending thousands of dollars, is step #1. It is not, confirming if this is the career move for you, is step #1. I have done the research for you and lay it all out in my book. Together, we will unravel and organize what steps to take, obstacles you’ll face, and the strategies to apply. 

Starting a home Inspection business: requirements to jumpstart your career 

1. Conduct research on the industry & assess your risk tolerance.

Do your due diligence. You will need to conduct research on the field to ensure becoming a home inspector is a fit career move for you. Research the demand of services in your city or state. You also want to make sure you can commit to the demand the field requires, and continuing educational requirements, where required. Once you have assessed your risk tolerance, proceed forward.

2. Verify pre-licensing requirements for home inspectors in your state and start training courses.

Review and confirm your state’s home inspection licensing requirements. Most states approve of online courses except for the in-field inspection part of your requirements. While you may learn from home or on the go, you pay extra for this convenience. The upside is that you can get through pre-licensing quicker. Some potential inspectors may prefer in-person classes. These classes run at set cycles during the year.

3. Register for & Pass the National Home Inspector examination, state exam, or both.

Most states require there inspectors to take and pass the NHIE exam, a state specific exam or both. These exams are not free, or easy to pass. For this reason, licensing schools offer an identical practice exam.

4. Choose the legal structure of your inspection business & acquire insurance.

Form your business structure. Even if not required, formal legal formation will protect your personal assets from any claims, whether you start your own company or go with a franchise. Seek professional advice on which entity type is best for you, as this is a personal decision.

When forming your legal structure, consider a sound business name that is well optimized for online search. Think of what you type into the search bar when looking for services. 

5. Review all application requirements in advance and apply for your home inspection license.

Before you receive your inspection license, you will have additional steps to complete, which should have become known to you back in step two. Pass a background check. Provide proof of insurance with the qualifying amount of coverage required. Some states require inspectors to become bonded. You may need to be affiliated with a home inspection association and or sponsored by an inspector you will work with.

6. Carefully decide on your desired career path.

Multi Inspection companies are on the rise. This is the fastest route to enter the field. However, the two major drawbacks to this option include being structured like the 9 to 5 culture you may wish to escape. The next being added fees withdrawn from every inspection you conduct. So you will need to make sure you’re with a team that pulls in a lot of work.

The franchise route offers you a local or national recognized name. This can make it easier as a new inspector to sell yourself. Start-up cost and requirements to become a franchisee are costly. Be aware not all franchises accept no applicants in specific cities or states. Conduct research on home inspection franchises well in advance.

While going solo is the hardest career path to pursue, as you will have to wear all hats. You are in full control and determine your schedule and pay. This makes it the most rewarding career path for many inspectors.

7. Find inspection software that fits your business setup.

Not all home inspection software is equal in terms of features or ease or operation across devices. If starting your own inspection business, you must consider your business needs and budget. Advice mentioned in the book is to run a trial of your top software picks and get a feel for it. See how your reports look when completed.

If you are considering being a part-time home inspector, look into inspection software that offers the per report option.

Full-time inspectors can look into all-in-one software with business management. Although they are pricey, it may meet all your needs. Another option is to go with standalone software and upgrade in the future.

8. Establish your online presence & network with real estate agents.

Consider the online presence that suits your business. A traditional website takes time to build from scratch and are not ideal for networking. A managed website with SEO packaged in can be ready in a few days but are costly. If you are on a tight budget, consider a Google Business Profile or similar for your web presence. But nothing speaks to networking online like a social media page. You want to be where future homebuyers and realtors are. You will need to raise your visibility and credibility within the field. An online presence helps make this possible. While success does not happen overnight, you must develop a sound strategy to align your efforts with acquiring a steady supply of prospects. You also must take time to learn about your target audience. 

9. Purchase tools & equipment.

Shop for professional grade tools and equipment. Think of safety and convenience with your purchases. Use of a thermal IR camera, moisture meter, and drone has become more commonplace. Inspectors today also work with a tablet or large screen mobile device when in the field conducting inspections. 

10. Structure your hours, services and prices.

As with every step before this one, you need to consider how you desire to price your inspection services. Per hour rate, square foot of the property, flat prices are some common formulas. You also need to survey the competitive landscape to gauge what prices and services your competitors offer. 


11. Market to your target audience.

Fish where the fishes are. Not all home buyer’s are alike. Your marketing won’t hit home and bring in prospects if they are not receptive to your messages. The book breaks down some key points to marketing yourself and services.


How-to-become-a-home-inspector-Home-inspection-careers. The-home-inspection-business
Home inspection business book for Inspectors

The basic requirements to become a home inspector is not enough to become successful.

If you believe after completing these steps that you are ready for the big leagues, you will spend upwards of two-thousand dollars on pre-licensing courses to fail at finding success in this industry. Why? Because starting a business, creating your own process takes more than this.  

This book not only addresses this in depth. But then I break down step-by-step what you need to have ready before you launch your home inspection business. You will clearly understand what you need to do and what it will take to survive as a business owner in this industry, no guesswork. 

This book contains plenty of tips to help you level up your planning. Whether you plan to create a small company or plan to grow into a team. This book packs all the keys ingredients to help you on several key fronts. Learn to craft business names that rank in local search results. What to factor into your service and cost. Understand how cost per inspection affects your income. Direction on where to position your brand and highlight your experience even as a new inspector.

Consider membership with a local or national association to gain educational and career assistance. Additional training, marketing assistance, and access to more resources.

Internachi and other associations provide more course material to keep you up to date with education, renewal, and other necessary support that all new inspectors should take advantage of. Associations also provide members with tried and test Standards of Practice (SOPs). So you know what you should be inspecting and should not. 

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA)

Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors (VAREI)

Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI)

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

The career book for Inspectors

If you are looking to become a home inspector and start your own inspection business, theirs the quick way and then theirs the right way. This books highlights both and why the right way is the only way to go if you want to find success. 

The basic steps to your inspection career listed above gets you through the door. However, survival in industry requires more steps and a strategic plan. I discuss all in my book. Think back to the beginning, where I referenced 60 percent of inspectors fail at finding success. You get to decide which end of the spectrum you will land on. Now that you have access to the blueprint to get you ahead.

The inspection landscape has changed over the years. It is far more competitive than ever. This makes it harder for new inspectors to standout from the crowd. Do not just jump in and wing it, you will regret it. My book contains clear, actionable steps to prepare you for takeoff. This is not my success story. The focus here is on building your startup.

what makes this inspection book unique?

  • Step-by-step walkthrough for inspection licensing & certification.
  • Explore the difficulties with each career path.
  • Close the gap between inspection school & starting a business.
  • Make sound decisions by having all the information beforehand!
  • Understand and plan for the obstacles inspectors must tackle when setting up shop.
  • What you do during pre-launch is critical.
  • Measures to reduce your liability.
  • Go beyond being licensed and certified inspector.
  • Effective ways to gain public trust on & offline.
  • Different approaches to finding customers and generating more money.
  • This is not information you find online written by content creators!

Learn how to streamline your day-to-day operations

This is especially important if you plan to start your own inspection business or franchise. You must have a system in place to maximize time and reduce burnout. Regardless of budget, look into business management tools that help you automate your process. Outsource steps that take up too much of your time. Purchase or incorporate software that integrates well with others. These are topics covered in the book.

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