Pre-Offer Walk-Through Consultation

Pre-Offer services

One-hour exterior & Interior review

Have the home observed and get guidance before you commit

$100.00 credit applied towards a home inspection with us


Homebuyers save time, money, and stress by having a trained professional conduct a Pre-Offer walk-through consultation before going into contract and potentially missing out on another property with fewer maintenance needs. Home-sellers, reduce time negotiating and understand what home inspectors will call out as defects before you list your home. Your consultant will review the following key areas or components of the property in question.

  • Electrical system
  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning system
  • Plumbing system
  • Roof
  • Other chronic and costly problems not already mentioned here

Pre-Offer Consultation terms & conditions

Walkthroughs are a limited review service, with no warranty or termite inspection, estimates, diagnostic checks, and no inspection report. We do not guarantee that we will find significant problems with every home. Nor are consultants addressing cosmetic issues. The typical time needed to asses the property ranges from 30 minutes to one hour per property. Inspectors usually view the property during open house schedules or private showings. Pre-Offer consultations are on a first come & serve basis. To meet our requirements for this service, you must book online and sign the Walk-Through agreement provided via email. 

We sometimes need the homeowner’s or listing agent’s approval before a walk-through review. So please check with your agent, the current homeowner(s), or the listing agent to confirm if walk-through consultations are okay with all parties before booking this service. 


Can I have the same consultant inspect the house if we are under contract?

Yes, our consultant is also a NY licensed home inspector. 

You would also receive a $100 credit toward your home inspection price.

Walk-Through Vs. Home Inspection Vs. Final-Walkthrough

A PreOffer Walk-Through Consultation is limited in scope and purpose. Consultations are a walk-and-talk observation of the property’s major systems and may include other chronic ailments of the home. You’re encouraged to take photos and notes of what your inspector calls out during the walk-through. This benefits buyer’s who are viewing multiple properties in highly competitive markets or As-Is properties. Buyer beware; this is not a substitute for a standard home inspection. A Walk-through is fast and informal. It also does not include an inspection report or the use of tools. Depending on your consultant, you may receive a verbal summary or summary in an email. 

The Home Inspection is by far the most comprehensive of the three services, although; not technically exhaustive. The time allocated for this service typically ranges from two to four hours for these inspections. Which; covers the exterior and interior of the property in great detail. You can expect photos, recommendations, and a narrative report anywhere from 10 to 80 pages in length.

The Final Walkthrough works best to confirm repairs made before closing. A last-minute opportunity for your home inspector to observe and record items and areas not accessible during your initial inspection. Lastly, most inspectors use a checklist format for the final walk-through.


How much a Pre-Offer Consultation will cost?

Flat price for all properties under 3500 sq ft.


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NY Homebuyer Pre-Offer Walk-Through Consultation

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